Understanding Alert Messages When Trimming

If you try to perform an edit that isn’t possible, Final Cut Pro displays an alert message.

Insufficient Content for Edit

This message appears when you try to perform a three-point edit (for example, when dragging from the Browser or Viewer to the Canvas), and the source clip’s media file doesn’t have enough frames to achieve the requested edit. Click OK to close this dialog.

For example, suppose you set sequence In and Out points to create an edit that is 10 seconds long. Next, you drag a 5-second source clip from the Browser to the Overwrite section of the Edit Overlay in the Canvas. The “Insufficient content for edit” message appears because the source clip does not have enough media to fill the 10-second duration marked in the sequence.

Media Limit

This message indicates that one of the sequence clip items you are trimming no longer has enough media to continue trimming. This happens even though other clip items in your selection still have additional media.

Figure. Timeline window showing the Media Limit message.

For example, suppose you select the Out points of clip items on tracks V1, A1, and A2 and then roll the edit points to the right. If the clip item on V1 is shorter, a “Media Limit on V1” message appears. You cannot roll these edit points beyond the media limits of any of the clip items.

Clip Collision

This message appears when you try to perform an edit that might inadvertently cause unselected clip items to overwrite others. This usually happens when you are trying to perform a ripple edit on one track, and unselected clip items on other tracks cannot ripple because there are other clip items in the way.

Figure. Timeline window showing the Clip Collision message.

For example, suppose you are rippling a clip item on track V1 to make it 10 seconds shorter. In a ripple edit, all clip items that occur to the right of the edit point move left or right by the amount you are trimming. In this case, all clip items should move 10 seconds to the left to fill the gap. However, clip items in A1 and A2 cannot move to the left by 10 seconds because there are other clip items on those tracks that are in the way. The Clip Collision message appears.

Clip Collision messages are important because they indicate that Final Cut Pro is making sure that clip items in your sequence aren’t accidentally overwritten. This is especially important when you are performing ripple edits in a small portion of your sequence and you can’t see how clip items later in your sequence are being affected.