Learning About the Trim Edit Window

The Trim Edit window is a special environment for trimming one edit point at a time while reviewing the complete media for both the incoming and outgoing clips. You can also watch how your editing adjustments affect the cut point without stopping playback. For many editors, this immediate visual feedback makes it much easier to match action from the outgoing and incoming shots, align an edit point precisely to an audio cue, or use the unique dynamic trimming function to instantly assign new edit points while you play back your footage using the J, K, and L keys.

This window shows a two-up display, with the Out point of the outgoing clip on the left and the In point of the incoming clip on the right. Two green bars—one at the top of each clip—highlight which edit points the Trim Edit window will affect. Using the Trim Edit window, you can perform a ripple edit to either side of the selected edit point, or a roll edit to both sides. You can also slip clip In and Out points together to change what part of the clip appears in the Timeline (see Slipping Clips in the Timeline).

Figure. Trim Edit window showing the Out point of the outgoing clip and the In point of the incoming clip.

There are four ways you can perform trim edits in this window: