Panning Audio in the Timeline

You can adjust the pan of one or more clips in the Timeline using the Audio item in the Modify menu, but you can’t make as many adjustments as you can in the Viewer. Using the menu, you can set a clip’s pan all the way to the left, all the way to the right, or in the center of the stereo output channels.

Note: If you use this method to change the pan of a clip that’s a stereo pair, the pan setting for both audio channels changes simultaneously. The pan setting is applied to the uppermost channel of the stereo pair, and the lower channel is panned to the opposite side.

To change the pan for a clip or clips
  1. In the Timeline, select the clip or clips whose pan you want to change.

  2. Choose Modify > Audio, then choose a pan option from the submenu.

    • Pan Left: Pans audio all the way to the left stereo output.
    • Pan Center: Centers audio evenly between left and right stereo outputs.
    • Pan Right: Pans audio all the way to the right stereo output.