Using Columns in the Browser

In list view, the Browser’s scrollable columns provide information about your clips and their associated media files.

Figure. Browser window showing use of scroll bars.

The Browser can display many columns of information at once. You can customize the Browser to display only the columns you want, as well as rearrange columns and change their width. The Name column cannot be hidden, and always appears at the far left.

Information in Browser columns is based on the following:

You can change properties in some columns directly in the Browser by clicking or Control-clicking within the column, and then choosing an option from the shortcut menu. You can also modify these properties in the Item Properties window for a clip. For more information, see Working with Projects, Clips, and Sequences.

Other properties, such as the frame size or video rate, are determined by the capture preset you used to capture the clip’s media file. See Capture Settings and Presets.

Tip: If a field in the Browser contains more text than fits within the field or column, you view the complete information by moving the pointer over the field and then waiting for several seconds. A tooltip appears with the full text of the entry.

Viewing Columns in Standard or Logging Formats

There are two default column layouts included with Final Cut Pro: standard and logging. You can customize both layouts for particular projects. You can also create and save your own column layouts.

  • Standard Columns: Choose this option to see most of a clip’s properties.
  • Logging Columns: Choose this option when logging clips, so you can focus on clips’ logging properties (such as Media Start, Media End, Duration, and Reel) and the Browser isn’t cluttered with other information.

You can customize both column layouts, displaying, hiding, and reordering columns in any way you like. Any modifications you make are remembered for the column layout you’re using for that project. New projects you create use the default column layouts.

Note: For a description of column information, see Elements of a Final Cut Pro Project.

To switch between standard and logging columns
  • Control-click any column heading in the Browser, then choose Standard Columns or Logging Columns from the shortcut menu.

Creating Custom Column Layouts

You can create your own column layouts, based on your preferred arrangement of columns. For more information, see Saving and Using Custom Column Layouts.