About Exporting Audio Tracks to Individual Audio Files

If you have a lot of source audio in your sequence that wasn’t captured with timecode, or if you need to export your audio to a video system that doesn’t support OMF import, you can export each audio track to its own audio file. These files can then be imported into a multitrack audio application. The disadvantage of this method is that it doesn’t preserve your edit points because all of the audio clips in each track become one audio file. Your audio editor then has to manually edit each track to get back to the original clips. You also cannot include handles (additional media on either side of a clip) on your audio clips this way.

Figure. Timeline window showing individual audio clips in audio tracks in a typical sequence.
Figure. Timeline window showing individual audio clips in each track consolidated into a single large clip with the duration of the sequence.

For information about getting ready to export audio tracks as individual audio files, see Preparing to Export Audio Tracks as Audio Files. For information about exporting audio tracks, see Exporting Audio Tracks as Individual Audio Files.