Displaying Filters Bars in the Timeline

Once you’ve added filters to one or more clips, you can choose whether or not to display filter indicators, or bars, in the Timeline to indicate that the clips have filters applied to them. Filters bars are green and appear in the space below each video and audio track in the Timeline for the duration of that clip. If keyframes are added to the filter of a clip, those keyframes appear on top of the bar to which they apply. Filters bars can be displayed or hidden at any time. For more information, see Customizing the Keyframe Graph Area in the Timeline.

Figure. Timeline window showing the Clip Keyframes control and a filters bar for a video track.
To show or hide filters bars
Do one of the following:
  • Click the Clip Keyframes control in the Timeline.

  • Choose Sequence > Settings, then click the Timeline Options tab. Select or deselect the Filters Bar checkbox in the Video column of the Clip Keyframes area.

To open a clip in the Viewer using filters bars
  • In the Timeline, double-click a green bar or keyframe to open that clip in the Viewer.

    The Filters tab is automatically opened.

For more information about adjusting filter parameters in the Timeline, see About the Timeline Keyframe Graph Area.