Creating Motion Effects in the Viewer

Every video, graphics, and generator clip in Final Cut Pro has a set of corresponding motion attributes, each of which contains one or more adjustable parameters. When you change these parameters, you create a motion effect. By adjusting a clip’s motion settings, you can change its geometry to move, shrink, enlarge, rotate, and distort the clip in nearly any way you like, relative to your overall project. You can also adjust motion settings graphically, by manipulating them directly in the Canvas.

Using keyframes, you can dynamically adjust motion effects over time. You can keyframe each clip’s motion parameters to animate clips in your sequence, making them move across the screen, rotate, and grow or shrink over time. You can also change a clip’s opacity to make it fade in and out and dynamically adjust any applied filter effects—for example, to make a clip go from a blur to sharp focus as a sequence plays. For details on keyframing, see Animating Motion Effects Using Keyframes.

Note: Audio parameters can be keyframed as well. For more information, see Automating Audio Filter Parameters with Keyframes.