Manipulating Images in the Canvas

When a clip is selected in the Timeline or Canvas (and you are in a wireframe mode), there are handles attached to the clip that allow you to perform different geometrical manipulations. A number at the center of the selected clip shows which track the clip is in. Shown below are the different handles on a selected clip in the Canvas.

Figure. Canvas window showing a clip in Wireframe mode with Rotational handles, Scale/Distort handles, and a Center handle.

Using the Selection, Crop, and Distort tools in the Tool palette, you can drag a clip’s handles directly in the Canvas to create various effects.

Crop and Distort Tools

The Crop and Distort tools can be used to manipulate images directly in the Canvas, instead of setting parameter values in a clip’s Motion tab.

Figure. Crop and Distort tools in the Tool palette.
  • Crop tool: Allows you to drag each of a clip’s four sides inward to crop just that side. You press the C key to select the Crop tool.
  • Distort tool: Lets you drag each of a clip’s corner points independently, in order to create perspective effects and other geometric distortion. You press the D key to select the Distort tool.