Tabs in the Viewer

Each tab in the Viewer provides a specific set of editing functions: Video, Audio, Filters, Motion, and Controls. You can drag tabs out of the Viewer so they appear in separate windows. This is useful, for example, if you want to adjust filter or generator parameters while watching the results in the Video tab.

Video Tab

The video tab lets you view a clip’s video media, set In and Out points, and add markers and keyframes. This tab appears when you open a clip that includes video clip items. This tab is shown by default. (See Learning About the Viewer.)

Audio Tabs

Audio tabs display audio waveforms for audio clip items. If your clip has audio items, each audio item opens in its own Audio tab. (If you open an audio-only clip, you only see Audio tabs with no accompanying Video tab.) Clips in Final Cut Pro may have up to 24 audio items.

An Audio tab may represent a single (mono) audio item or a stereo pair of audio items. Stereo audio items appear together in a single tab, while mono audio items appear separately in individual tabs. Controls in each Audio tab allow you to change the audio level and the stereo panning parameters, creating keyframes if necessary to adjust levels over time. You can also use an Audio tab to set In and Out points, markers, and keyframes for audio clips. To learn more, see Audio Editing Basics.

Figure. Viewer window showing the Audio tab's options and waveforms.

Filters Tab

You use this tab to adjust parameters for any video or audio filters you’ve applied to a clip. You can also set keyframes to adjust filter parameters over time. For more information on video filters, see Using Video Filters. For more information on audio filters, see Using Audio Filters.

Figure. Viewer window showing options in the Filters tab.

Motion Tab

Every clip with a video clip item, whether it’s a video, still image, or generator clip, has the same motion parameters: Scale, Rotation, Center, Anchor Point, and additional attributes such as Crop, Distort, Opacity, Drop Shadow, Motion Blur, and Speed. The Motion tab allows you to adjust these parameters of a clip.

You can create motion effects by setting keyframes for motion parameters over time. For more information, see Changing Motion Parameters. Also refer to Adjusting Parameters for Keyframed Effects.

Figure. Viewer window showing Motion tab parameters.

Controls Tab

You use the Controls tab to change the parameters for generator clips, such as the font and text size in a Text generator, or the size of a Circle Shape generator. The Controls tab appears only when a generator is open in the Viewer. For additional information, see Using Generator Clips.

Figure. Viewer window showing Controls tab options.