Creating Graphics with the Correct Color Settings for Video

You should be aware that the range of colors that can be displayed on a broadcast video monitor is much smaller than the range that can be displayed on a computer display. For this reason, colors that appear bright and clean on NTSC or PAL video can seem duller when viewed on your computer display.

If you output graphic images with colors that go outside the “legal” range for video, the colors will appear oversaturated and may “bleed” into other parts of the image. This distortion can be easily avoided by controlling the palette of colors you use in your graphics program. As you create the graphics you’ll be outputting to video, resist the temptation to use the brightest and most saturated shades of color available in your paint program. When you’re finished with your image, use a video colors filter (if your program has one) to make sure that all the colors in your image are in the legal broadcast range for video.