Converting a Template Clip to a Motion Project

In some situations, you may want to convert a template clip in your sequence to a Motion project clip. All the parameters you customized in the Motion template are then stored in the Motion project file, so you can no longer make text or video changes in Final Cut Pro.

For example: You have been using a template clip and a corresponding Motion template file for the opening title in your sequence. Now, you want to give the graphic designer full control over every aspect of the design, including the custom text and video. In this case, Final Cut Pro can make a new Motion project file based on the template file and your custom content. Then the designer can make updates to the project file in Motion.

To convert a template clip to a Motion project clip
  1. Control-click a template clip in your sequence, then choose Send To > Motion Project.

  2. In the dialog that appears, choose a location and enter a name for the new Motion project.

  3. If you want the new Motion project to immediately open in Motion, select Launch Motion.

  4. Click Save.

    A Motion project file is created, based on the template file of the clip. Text and video parameters you modified in the Controls tab of the Viewer are incorporated directly into the new Motion project file. The original template clip is replaced with a Motion project clip that links to the new Motion project file. If you selected the Launch Motion option, the new project opens in Motion.