Example: Using the Desaturate Highlights Filter

In this example, the use of a color correction filter to bring color detail out of the blues of a diving clip has resulted in some unwanted reds in the bright highlights of the image. To eliminate these unwanted reds without losing the other colors of the diver and the background, you’ll use the Desaturate Highlights filter.

Figure. Viewer window showing unwanted reds in an underwater shot.
To use the Desaturate Highlights filter
  1. Move the Apply Above slider to the left to gradually include more of the brightest areas of the picture in the range of what is to be desaturated.

    Figure. Filters tab showing the Desaturate Highlight filter controls and the underwater shot in the Viewer.
  2. Move the Softness slider to the right to ease the transition between the areas of the picture being desaturated and the areas that are unaffected.

    Depending on the range of values you’re choosing to desaturate, raising the softness can keep this effect from looking artificial.