Locations for Changing Real-Time Playback Settings

Real-time playback options can be adjusted in three locations:

Note: The Playback Control tab and the RT pop-up menu contain many of the same settings, so the settings are described in About Real-Time Playback Options.

Playback Control Tab in System Settings

The Playback Control tab is located in the System Settings window. It shows you all real-time settings available, although some may not apply to certain sequences. Changes you make here are applied systemwide, so they remain the same for all currently open sequences and projects.

Figure. System Settings window.
To open the Playback Control tab
  • Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Playback Control tab.

RT Pop-Up Menu in the Timeline

This menu only shows you real-time options available for the current sequence. For example, pull-down pattern options only appear in the RT pop-up menu under appropriate circumstances (such as a 23.98 fps sequence with external video set to output to a 29.97 fps format).

Figure. Timeline window showing the RT pop-up menu.

Because the settings in the RT pop-up menu and the Playback Control tab are almost identical, it is often more convenient to access the RT pop-up menu directly from the Timeline.

To change a real-time playback setting in the RT pop-up menu
  • Make sure a sequence is open in the Timeline, then choose an option from the RT pop-up menu.

    Figure. Settings in the RT pop-up menu.

Render Control Tab in Sequence Settings

Several options that affect both rendering and real-time playback can be selected in the Render Control tab of the Sequence Settings window. These settings are adjusted per sequence.

You can deselect any of the following options to improve real-time performance:

  • Filters

  • Frame Blending For Speed

However, remember to select these options if you want to render these effects.

To open the Render Control tab
  1. Select a sequence or click in the Timeline window to make it active.

  2. Choose Sequence > Settings, then click the Render Control tab.