About the Connections Between Clips and Media Files

Final Cut Pro is very flexible about the connection between clips and their media files. It is fairly easy to make a clip go offline by accidentally moving or modifying a media file in the Finder, but it is also very easy to reconnect clips to media files.

A clip connects to a media file via the clip’s Source property, which contains the location of the media file as a file path. If a clip cannot locate its media file, the media file is considered offline, and the clip is called an offline clip. An offline clip has a red slash through its icon in the Browser:

Figure. Browser window showing offline clips.

Each time you move from Final Cut Pro to another application and then back again, Final Cut Pro checks that the modification date of each clip’s media file has not changed, and that they are in the expected file path. If a media file has been modified, Final Cut Pro warns you that the media file has gone offline, and asks if you’d like to reconnect the clip. You can choose to do this immediately, or you can do it later. If you don’t successfully reconnect clips to their media files, the clips remain offline.