Media Manager Workflow

There are three main stages to working with the Media Manager.

  1. Stage 1: Selecting Clips or Sequences in Your Project

    Before you can use the Media Manager, you must select items that you want the Media Manager to process. You can select an entire project, one or more bins, individual or multiple sequences, clip items within sequences, or clips in the Browser. Whatever you want to do, the Media Manager needs to know what to process before it can do anything. See the examples later in this section for some ideas on how to use the Media Manager.

  2. Stage 2: Choosing Options in the Media Manager Window

    Once you’ve selected items in your project, open the Media Manager window and choose options for processing your media. You can select whether clips, sequences, and so on are duplicated into a new project, and how media is processed (moved, copied, recompressed, deleted, and so on). Some options are unavailable, or permanently selected, depending on what other options are selected. You can also specify a destination for your new media files to be stored.

  3. Stage 3: Starting the Media Management Process

    After specifying your options, click OK in the Media Manager window. Final Cut Pro displays a warning message before it performs any operation that cannot be undone. A progress bar shows you the status of the operations as they’re performed.