Example: Removing Unused Media from a Sequence

A common Media Manager operation is to remove parts of media files that are not used in the sequence. For example, in a 30-minute sequence, the sequence clips refer to 30 minutes of media files. However, the total media referred to by these clips’ master clips can be much more. For example, a master clip may refer to a 5-minute media file, but when you edit it into a sequence, the affiliate clips’ In and Out points define a sequence clip that refers to only 1 minute of the media file. Just for that one clip, there are 4 minutes of the media file that are unused by the sequence clip. With the Media Manager, you can easily delete the portions of media unused by the sequence clips.

Important: This process preserves media files used by any sequence or clip in all currently open projects. For example, if two projects refer to the same media file, and they are both open at the same time, the Media Manager preserves the media file based on its usage in both projects.

To remove unused media from a sequence
  1. In the Browser, select the sequence you want to remove footage from.

    Figure. Browser window showing a selected sequence from which footage will be removed.
  2. In the Media Manager, choose the following options, then click OK.

    Figure. Media Manager showing "Use existing" chosen from the "media referenced by selected items" pop-up menu, the "Delete unused media from selected items" checkbox selected, and the "Duplicate selected items and place into a new project" checkbox deselected.

    Note: If the clips in your sequence are affiliated with clips in other sequences, and your master clips have no In or Out points set (or Out points set near their Media End points), there may not be very much media deleted.