Example: Removing Portions of Media Files After Creating Subclips

A common logging and capturing workflow involves capturing each tape to a single media file, breaking the master clip into subclips, and then using the Media Manager to create individual media files for each subclip. In this example, the Media Manager creates a media file for every subclip in your project. Portions of your media that are not referenced by subclips are not turned into new media files, and thus unnecessary media can be eliminated by this process.

To eliminate portions of a media file not referenced by subclips
  1. In the Browser, delete the original master clip that your subclips were derived from.

    Note: When you create a subclip, it becomes its own master clip. A subclip does not refer back to the original clip it came from, but both the original clip and the new subclip refer to the same media file.

    Because the Media Manager tries to preserve media referenced by clips in your project, it is necessary to delete the original master clip (which refers to the entire length of the media file) so only the subclip media will be preserved.

  2. Rename your subclips with descriptive names.

    When the Media Manager creates new media files, they will be named after these subclip names.

  3. Select all of the subclips that you created from the master clip you just deleted.

    Important: The media for any subclips you don’t select will be lost. To be safe, you can move all the subclips whose media you want to retain to one bin, and the subclips you don’t want to preserve to a different bin. Then select the bin of subclips you want to preserve.

  4. Control-click one of the selected subclips, then choose Media Manager from the shortcut menu that appears.

  5. In the Media Manager, make the following selections:

    Figure. Media Manager showing "Use existing" chosen from the "media referenced by duplicated clips" pop-up menu, the "Delete unused media from duplicated clips" checkbox selected, and the "Duplicate selected clips and place into a new project" checkbox selected.
  6. Click OK.

    The Media Manager creates a new media file for each selected subclip and reconnects each subclip to the new media file. The original media file is deleted, so any subclips not selected become offline.