Initiating an iChat Theater Preview Session

To initiate an iChat Theater session in Final Cut Pro
  1. Open iChat and sign in.

  2. Open Final Cut Pro and the project that holds the video you want to preview using iChat.

  3. Open the clip or sequence that you want to play for the other iChat user in the Viewer or Canvas window. Position the playhead where you want the video playback to begin and make the Viewer or Canvas window active.

  4. Choose View > iChat Theater Preview > Start Sharing.

    The iChat application becomes active so that you can invite a buddy to a video chat session.

  5. Send a video chat invitation to the iChat buddy with whom you want to share video. If the host or remote computer doesn’t have a camera, send a one-way video iChat invitation.

    Once you’ve established a video iChat session, you’re ready to use Final Cut Pro to broadcast your video to remote viewers.

    Note: You can actually choose any of the commands in the iChat Theater Preview menu to initiate an iChat Theater Preview session.

    When both computers have cameras connected, you can also begin by first starting a video chat session using standard iChat procedures. You open iChat and send a video chat invitation to an iChat buddy and, when you’re ready, switch to using Final Cut Pro. When you start the iChat Theater Preview session in Final Cut Pro, the content in the active Canvas or Viewer window appears in the remote iChat user’s window. For information about initiating a video iChat session and sending invitations, see iChat Help. iChat Help provides instructions for monitoring video connections, controlling video playback, muting video, and starting up and ending video chat sessions.