Navigating in the Timeline

There are several ways you can navigate through your sequence in the Timeline:

Positioning the Playhead Using the Ruler

Moving the playhead in the Timeline ruler works in the same way as moving the playhead in the scrubber bar in the Canvas or Viewer.

To scrub through a sequence in the Timeline
  • Drag the playhead in the Timeline ruler.

Figure. Timeline window showing the playhead being dragged in the ruler.
To jump to a specific location in the Timeline
  • Click the desired location in the Timeline ruler. (You can do this while your sequence is stopped or playing.)

Using Timecode to Navigate in the Timeline

The Current Timecode field shows the current position of the playhead. If you enter a new timecode number, the playhead moves to that position. You can enter either absolute or relative timecode numbers in this field. (For information on where this field is located in the Timeline, see Horizontal Time Controls.)

To move the playhead to a specific location
  1. Make the Timeline or Canvas active.

    If you’re in the Timeline, make sure that all clips are deselected; otherwise, you will move the selected clip to a new location. (Pressing Command-D deselects all clips.)

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Enter a new timecode number, then press Return to move to the frame that corresponds to the timecode number you entered.

    • Enter a minus sign (-) or a plus sign (+) and a relative timecode number, then press Return to move forward or backward that number of frames from the current position of the playhead. To type a minus sign, press Hyphen or press the Minus Sign key on the numeric keypad. To type a plus sign, press Shift-Plus Sign or press the Plus Sign key on the numeric keypad.

You do not have to select the Current Timecode field to enter a new timecode number. If the Timeline window is active, the playhead will move to the new timecode location in both the Timeline and Canvas, and the Current Timecode field of the Canvas will mirror that of the Timeline.