Changing Clip Properties for Anamorphic Media

If you’ve captured anamorphic media but didn’t use a capture preset that had the Anamorphic option turned on, you can change the Anamorphic clip property in the Item Properties window or in the Browser. Make sure you turn on the Anamorphic property for all clips before you begin editing.

If you’ve already added a clip to a sequence, the clip settings default to the current sequence settings. To change the clip’s settings, you must then change the sequence settings. For more information, see Specifying Sequence Settings for Anamorphic Media.

To turn on the Anamorphic property for a clip
  1. Open the clip from the Browser, then choose Edit > Item Properties > Format.

  2. Click in the column next to the Anamorphic property so that a checkmark appears.

    Figure. Item Properties window showing a checkmark in the column next to the Anamorphic property.

    The Anamorphic column in the Browser also lets you select this option for clips and sequences.

    Figure. Browser window showing checkmarks in the Anamorphic column that denote anamorphic media.