Working with the Administration Window

The Administration window contains a variety of panes that you can use to configure your Final Cut Server system.

Important: Some changes you make in the Administration window do not immediately appear in the Final Cut Server client. To see the changes, you need to log out and log back in, opening a fresh Final Cut Server client.

Figure. Administration window showing the list of panes, the Create button, the search field and controls, and page view controls.

The column on the left contains a list of panes you can access and configure:

Although some panes contain only a few items, others have many items. When there are many items, the Administration window separates them into pages and includes buttons for navigating among them. Most of the panes include a Create button you can use to add additional items.

Figure. Administration window showing the Create button, the Page pop-up menu, and arrow buttons.

The Administration window also includes a search feature. Searching allows you to quickly find specific items in the list. You can click the disclosure triangle to see advanced search options. These options vary, depending on the pane you are working in.

Figure. Administration window showing the Search field, clear search field button, and the disclosure triangle that reveals advanced search options.

The user preference settings define how many items are found when you perform a search, as well as how many items appear on each page. You can increase these settings to show more items, which is especially useful when working with metadata fields and groups. See User-Configurable Preference Settings for more information.

Note: Any items with an asterisk (*) by them are required to be configured.