User-Configurable Preference Settings

In addition to Final Cut Server System Preferences and the Preferences pane of the client’s Administration window, there is a third set of preferences for users to customize how Final Cut Server works for them. These preferences only affect a user when using a particular client on a particular computer. (If the user logs in to a client on a different computer, the user’s preference settings do not follow.)

To open the user preference settings
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Final Cut Server > Preferences.

  • Choose Preferences from the Server pop-up menu (the pop-up menu in the Final Cut Server main window that appears when you click the Server button).

    Figure. Preferences window.

The user Preferences window contains the following settings:

  • Maximum # of Search Results: Enter a value that is the maximum number of items that appear after a search.
  • Items Per Page: Search results are divided into pages to make viewing more efficient. You can enter a value that defines how many items appear on each page.
  • Remember the last search: Select this checkbox to have Final Cut Server remember and run the last search that you performed the next time you log in.
  • Save cached files to: Click the Choose button to select a location to use for storing your caches. The default locations are /username/Library/Caches/ when running the client on a Macintosh computer and the C:\username\AppData\Roaming\\cache directory on a Windows computer. In both cases, the cache files are located in a folder at this location with the name of the server computer.

    Important: Changing the cache location will result in all current caches becoming unavailable.

  • Maximum Cache Size: Enter a value to define a maximum cache size.
  • Current Cache Size: This shows the current size of the cache.
  • Clear Cache: Click Clear Cache to delete all caches from the cache location.
  • Saved aliases for prepared media files: Click the Choose button to select a location to use for storing aliases to cache files. This location is used when you choose the Prepare for Disconnected Use option for assets.

    Note: Client computer assets that Final Cut Server manages are stored in the location specified as the Cache Location. This location is intended to only be used by Final Cut Server, and so it can be difficult to locate assets in it. The Prepare for Disconnected Use option creates aliases to the assets in the cache, making it much easier to add them to Final Cut Pro projects when you are not connected to Final Cut Server.

  • Clear Aliases: Click Clear Aliases to delete all aliases from the alias location.
  • Disable Resource Fork Warning: Select this checkbox to turn off Disable Resource Fork error messages.
  • Use Generic thumbnail for Productions: Select this checkbox to display a generic production icon to represent a production. By default, a still image contained in a production is displayed on the production thumbnail and in List view.