Restoring Your Final Cut Server Catalog

Although restoring your Final Cut Server catalog is easy to do, there are a number of things to be aware of.

About Restoring Your Catalog

Restoring the catalog can actually be a destructive process.

  • If you are restoring the catalog on a new Final Cut Server installation: There is no practical existing catalog, and you can restore with no danger.
  • If you are restoring over an existing catalog: The existing catalog is completely deleted before the restore begins. If the restore files turn out to not contain what you had hoped or do not work correctly, you can end up in worse shape than when you started. For that reason, you are strongly encouraged to back up your existing Final Cut Server catalog prior to restoring a previous backup file.

Before You Restore Your Catalog

Restoring your catalog may not be all you need to do to get your system working again. If you are using restore to recover from a hard disk failure, you will need to configure a few other areas for Final Cut Server to work correctly.

Users and Groups

You need to configure your computer’s users and groups. If your users and groups are configured on a different computer, all you need to do is ensure this computer can access that information. The restore function will attempt to assign the permission sets to the same groups as when the backup file was created.

If your users and groups are configured locally on this computer, you need to reconfigure them as they were when the backup file was created. Any groups that are not available during the restore process will not be available to use Final Cut Server until you manually add them in Final Cut Server System Preferences.


You should configure your computer to support any internal hard disks, Xsan systems, RAIDs, network volumes, and external drives that Final Cut Server uses for its devices. If any of the devices are on volumes that require a password, you will have to manually configure those passwords using Device Setup Assistant after you have restored the Final Cut Server backup file.

Note: Be aware that, after the restore is completed, any devices that have full scan automations configured for them will try to perform those scans at their scheduled time. If the device is not available and configured properly, this could lead to the scan purging assets from the catalog.

Restoring Your Catalog

Restoring your Final Cut Server catalog simply requires you to choose a backup file to restore from.

To restore your catalog
  1. Select the Backup pane of Final Cut Server System Preferences.

  2. Click the Restore button.

    A file selection dialog appears.

  3. Select the backup file to restore from and click the Restore button.

    Important: After you click the Restore button, you cannot cancel the process.

The Final Cut Server current catalog is deleted and the catalog saved with the backup file is added.