Groups and Permissions

Final Cut Server includes features that allow you to precisely define the catalog access of each group of users.

To be able to use Final Cut Server, you must add at least one group with at least one user. In most cases, you will create several groups, each configured with different permissions, and then add the appropriate users to each group. Final Cut Server can use either local users and groups or groups based on Mac OS X Open Directory or Windows Server Active Directory to validate users. The actual creation of the groups and users is done using either the Accounts pane of System Preferences or Mac OS X Server Workgroup Manager. In Final Cut Server, you choose the groups to use and assign a permission set to each of the groups.

See the Final Cut Server Setup Guide for details on using the Accounts pane of System Preferences, Mac OS X Server Workgroup Manager, and using Final Cut Server System Preferences to add groups and assign permission sets to them. Instructions for adding groups based on Windows Server Active Directory are also included in the Final Cut Server Setup Guide.

This chapter covers adding groups and assigning permission sets using the Final Cut Server client’s Administration window. Generally, it is recommended that you use the Final Cut Server System Preferences as documented in the Final Cut Server Setup Guide; however, there will be some situations in which it is more convenient to add groups and assign permissions in the client’s Administration window. This chapter also covers creating custom permission sets, allowing you to exactly define each group’s access to the Final Cut Server catalog.