Adding Groups to Final Cut Server

After you have finished setting up your groups with Workgroup Manager, you are ready to add the groups to Final Cut Server.

You can add the groups using the server’s Final Cut Server System Preferences or you can use the client’s Administration window. See the Final Cut Server Setup Guide for information on using Final Cut Server System Preferences to add groups to Final Cut Server and assigning permission sets to them.

To add a group to Final Cut Server using the Administration window
  1. Open a Final Cut Server client and log in as a user with administrator privileges.

  2. Choose Administration from the Server pop-up menu (the pop-up menu in the Final Cut Server main window that appears when you click the Server button).

    The Administration window appears.

  3. Click Group Permissions in the column on the left to open the Group Permissions pane.

    Figure. Administration window showing the Group Permissions pane and the Create button.

    The Group Permissions pane lists the current Final Cut Server groups and their assigned permission set’s number.

  4. Click the Create button to add a new group.

    The Group Permissions window appears.

    Figure. Group Permissions window.
  5. Choose the group to add using the Name pop-up menu.

  6. Choose a permission set from the Permission Set pop-up menu.

  7. Click Save Changes.

The Group Permissions window closes. To see the new group in the Group Permissions pane, click the Search button.