About QuickTime Metadata

QuickTime media files can have a wide variety of metadata added to them. As a simple example, you can add annotations, such as title, author, and keywords to a QuickTime media file using the Annotations pane of the QuickTime Player Movie Properties window.

Because a QuickTime media file can contain custom metadata fields, Final Cut Server is unable to map all of the metadata fields to metadata fields that are used in its default groups.

This means that if you use custom metadata fields in your QuickTime movies, you will need to either manually map those fields to fields used in existing metadata groups or add those fields to custom metadata groups. For more information, see Metadata Mapping and Adding or Editing Metadata Groups.

To see a QuickTime movie’s metadata
  1. Choose Search Devices from the client’s Server pop-up menu.

    The Search Devices window opens.

  2. Choose the device that contains the movie from the Device pop-up menu, then click the Search button.

  3. Double-click the QuickTime media file that contains the metadata you want to view.

    A window opens showing the details of the file.

    Figure. QuickTime media file's details window.
  4. Click QuickTime in the column on the left.

The metadata details for the file are displayed.

Note: You may see some metadata fields that contain duplicate settings. Final Cut Server shows both the older FOURCC (which is limited to four characters for the field’s name) and the newer field identification entries.