An Introduction to Managing Metadata

Final Cut Server automatically configures the metadata settings based on the profile selected during the installation of Final Cut Server. After the installation, you can customize the metadata settings to enhance your workflows.

Metadata is used to describe, find, use, and repurpose content. Some of the key challenges in managing metadata are:

Final Cut Server addresses these challenges by allowing you to:

Final Cut Server includes a set of standard metadata fields, groups, sets, and mappings that can also be easily customized to specific requirements in the following ways:

The relationships between the various metadata items for assets and productions are as follows:

Figure. Diagram showing relationships between assets, productions, metadata lookups, metadata groups, metadata fields, and metadata sets.

Each of these metadata items is configured in its own pane:

Note: See Settings for Permission Sets for information about configuring the metadata settings for a permission set.

Important: As you use the various panes in managing your metadata, you will find many settings, options, and listings that are intended only for internal Final Cut Server use. Many of these are noted in the following descriptions.

In addition to using metadata to add information to your assets and productions, you can use the same techniques to affect other areas within Final Cut Server. For example, you can add metadata fields to the Thumbnails metadata group to control which fields appear when you are using the Thumbnails view. See Using Metadata to Configure the User Interface for more information.