Managing Metadata Sets

There are different types of assets and productions you use with Final Cut Server. Metadata sets (which contain one or more metadata groups, each with its own metadata fields) allow you to assign different metadata groups to each type of asset or production. For example, you may want to store different metadata for still graphics than you would for HD video files, or for promotions and commercials.

Important: When assets are added to the Final Cut Server catalog, whether by manual upload or using an automation such as a scan, they must have a metadata set assigned to them. You cannot later change an asset’s assigned metadata set. You can, however, change a metadata set so that it includes new metadata fields and groups. You can also copy an asset within the Final Cut Server catalog and assign a different metadata set to the new copy.

The customer profile you selected when you installed Final Cut Server defined the default metadata sets in your system. See the Final Cut Server Setup Guide for more information.

An administrator can define new metadata sets as required and define which metadata groups apply to each set.

Figure. Administration window showing the Metadata Set pane and the Create button.

The Metadata Set pane contains the following columns:

Adding or Editing Metadata Sets

You can add or edit custom metadata sets.

To add a custom metadata set
  1. In the Metadata Set pane of the Administration window, click the Create button.

  2. In the Metadata Set window that appears, configure the settings for the metadata set.

    Figure. Metadata Set window.

    See Settings for Metadata Sets for more information on the settings.

  3. Click Save Changes to save the custom metadata set.

The new metadata set appears in the Metadata Set pane.

You can also open the Metadata Set window and edit existing metadata sets.

To edit an existing metadata set
  1. Double-click the metadata set in the Metadata Set pane.

    The Metadata Set window appears, showing the settings for that metadata set.

  2. Make any necessary changes and click Save Changes.

    The Metadata Set window closes.

See Settings for Metadata Sets for more information on the settings.

Settings for Metadata Sets

The Metadata Set window contains the following settings:

  • Name: Enter the name of the metadata set.
  • Metadata Set ID: This is an automatically generated name for the metadata set that is for internal use only.
  • Md Groups: You choose the metadata groups that this set contains.
    • Selected: Lists the metadata groups in the set.
    • Available: Lists the metadata groups available to the set. The available groups depend on the class of the set. Use the Add and Remove buttons to change the groups in the set. Note that the order of the metadata groups in the Selected list does not affect the order they appear in when the metadata set is applied to an asset or production. That order is controlled by each metadata group’s Display Priority setting. See Settings for Metadata Groups for more information.