About Transcode Settings

Transcode settings can be helpful in many ways. For example, if you have a device that you use for reviewing assets or productions, you can assign transcode settings to the device, and those settings can be used to convert the video to formats that are best suited for playback. Transcode settings are assigned to devices so that when you upload or copy media to a device, you can choose a transcode setting to use from a pop-up menu.

Note: If a device has no transcode settings assigned to it, you cannot perform any conversions when you upload or copy assets to that device.

Final Cut Server ships with a number of preconfigured transcode settings based on Compressor and internal Final Cut Server settings. You can also create custom settings in Compressor that can be made into Final Cut Server transcode settings. Anyone configuring settings must have a good knowledge of specific video and audio format issues. See the Compressor documentation, available from the Compressor Help menu, for more information.

The Transcode Settings pane of the Final Cut Server client’s Administration window lists the current transcode settings.

Figure. Administration window showing the Transcode Settings pane and the Create button.