Assigning Transcode Settings to Devices

There are two methods you can use to assign transcode settings to a device: using Device Setup Assistant in Final Cut Server System Preferences, or using the Transcode Settings window.

You can use either method; however, the most efficient method to use depends on what you are trying to do:

Additionally, you can use the Transcode Settings pane to manage the transcode settings of the Export device. This device provides the list of transcode settings to choose from when using the Export option of the shortcut menu that appears when you Control-click an asset in the client. The Export device that appears first in the list of available devices (described next) is the device used for these download operations. See About the Export Device for more information.

To assign a transcode setting to a device
  1. In the Transcode Settings pane of the Administration window, double-click the transcode setting that you want to assign to one or more devices.

    The Transcode Settings window appears.

    Figure. Transcode Settings window.
  2. Click Modify in the column on the left.

    The Available column lists all the available devices. The Selected column lists the devices that have this transcode setting assigned to them.

  3. Select devices in the Available list and click the Add button to move them to the Selected list.

  4. Enter a number in the Priority field to control the order in which the transcode settings appear in the pop-up menu when assigning them to a device’s asset.

    Smaller numbers appear above larger numbers. The range is normally from 1 to 5, with 1 appearing first.

  5. Click Parameters in the column on the left if you want to change the Compressor setting that is assigned to this transcode setting.

  6. Click Save Changes to save the transcode setting assignments.