Watcher Pane and Window

Final Cut Server provides a watch folder infrastructure that detects and processes new content according to configured rules.

The most common response types to use with watchers are copy, delete, email, and read XML.

The Watcher pane lists the existing watchers.

Figure. Administration window, showing the Watcher pane and the Create button.

The Watcher pane includes the following columns:

The Watcher window appears if you click the Create button.

Figure. Watcher window.

The items that appear in the area on the left depend on the Watcher Type you choose. The choices include poll and subscription.

Note: If you edit an existing watcher by double-clicking it in the Watcher pane, you cannot change its Watcher Type setting.

When you choose the poll watcher type, a Poll Watcher item appears in the column on the left side of the window. Click Poll Watcher to access the poll settings.

Figure. Watcher window, showing the Poll Watcher settings.

The settings include the following items:

  • Listing frequency: Enter a time, in seconds, at which the folder is watched.
  • Listing multiple: Enter the number of times a file must be detected with the same timestamp and file size before being considered a new file ready to be acted on. This is to prevent processing a file that is still in the process of being copied.
  • Wildcard Include Filter: You can use this to define the types of files that the watcher monitors. The default filter is the asterisk (*), which is the wildcard indication. A single asterisk indicates that all files are monitored. If you want the watcher to monitor only JPEG and QuickTime movie files, you can replace the asterisk with two items: *.jpg and *.mov (which indicate that all files with .jpg and .mov file extensions are monitored).
  • Wildcard Exclude Filter: You can use this to define types of files that the watcher should not monitor. For example, if the folder that the watcher is processing includes PDF documents that you do not want to have monitored, you can enter *.pdf (which indicates that all files with a .pdf extension are not monitored).