Subscription Pane and Window

Final Cut Server has a powerful engine for modifying behavior to suit the individual needs of customers. Administrators can create and modify subscription rules. A subscription rule consists of an event, such as an asset’s status changing, and one or more responses that are run as a result of that event.

The most common response types to use with subscriptions are the copy, delete, email, log, move to archive, restore from archive, set metadata, and write XML responses.

The Subscription pane lists the existing subscriptions.

Figure. Administration window, showing the Subscription pane and the Create button.

The Subscription pane includes the following columns:

The Subscription window appears if you click the Create button.

Figure. Subscription window.

The items that appear in the area on the left depend on the “Subscribe to” setting. The options include:

Note: If you edit an existing subscription by double-clicking it in the Subscription pane, you cannot change its “Subscribe to” setting.