Schedule Pane and Window

Events can be scheduled; for example, scanning the still store in a control room every 5 minutes to ensure that the Final Cut Server catalog is up to date. A schedule is normally used to scan or catalog a device.

The most common responses to use with a schedule are clean jobs, clean logs, measure catalog size, purge subscriptions, scan (all types), and search expired.

The Schedule pane lists the existing schedules.

Figure. Administration window, showing the Schedule pane and the Create button.

The Schedule pane contains the following columns:

The Schedule window appears if you click the Create button.

Figure. Schedule window.

The items that appear in the column on the left depend on the item you choose from the Period pop-up menu. The choices are weekly, daily, hourly, and periodically.

Note: If you edit an existing schedule by double-clicking it in the Schedule pane, you cannot change its Period setting.