Uploading Image Sequences

An image sequence is a movie exported as a series of numbered image files, stored in a folder. When you upload a folder of image files, Final Cut Server presents a dialog asking if you want to create an image sequence asset. If you choose to create an image sequence asset, the folder of individual numbered image files is uploaded and stored as the primary representation. A Clip Proxy QuickTime video is created using the image files; this video is used to view the image sequence in Final Cut Server. Two proxy graphics files, a Poster frame and a Thumbnail, are also created; these are used to represent the asset’s media.

When you export the asset, the folder of numbered image files is exported to the location you provide in the export dialog.

To upload a folder containing an image sequence
  1. Do one of the following:

    • Drag the folder to the column on the left of the Final Cut Server main window, to the Assets pane, or to a production in the Productions pane.

    • Choose Upload File from the Server pop-up menu (the pop-up menu in the Final Cut Server main window that appears when you click the Server button), select the folder in the file browser that appears, then click Upload.

  2. In the dialog that appears, choose to create an image sequence asset, then click Create.

    Important: By clicking Create, you state that the folder you are uploading contains only a series of image sequence files. Any other file types included in the upload, such as Final Cut Pro projects or media files, must be uploaded independently from the image sequence.

  3. The Link Upload window appears. Specify any other upload settings including the following:

    • The Video Frame Rate is set by default to 29.97. If necessary, choose a different video frame rate from the Video Frame Rate pop-up menu, or choose Auto to use an automatically generated frame rate gleaned from the media’s metadata or use the system default Video Frame Rate setting. Talk to your administrator to learn more information about the default Video Frame Rate setting.

      Note: The video frame rate settings are provided by Compressor. If the video frame rate you need is not listed in the pop-up menu, talk to your Final Cut Server administrator.

    • If necessary, choose a new destination device from the Destination pop-up menu.

      Important: It is recommended that image sequences be uploaded to a device set up for image sequences only. Talk with your Final Cut Server administrator about which configured devices are appropriate for image sequence file storage.

    • If you want to group the Final Cut Pro project asset in a production, click Choose at the right of the Associate with Production field and specify a production.

      See Organizing Assets in Final Cut Server for more information about productions, including creating a new production.

    • Choose a metadata set for the asset from the Metadata Set pop-up menu, and add metadata to one or more fields, defining this as a bundle asset.

  4. Click the Upload button to create the asset.

    The file is uploaded and the image sequence asset is created.

For information about how to get information about the asset that was just created, see About the Asset Info Window.