About the Asset Info Window

When you double-click any asset, including an image sequence, bundle asset, or Final Cut Pro project asset, in the Assets pane or click the asset’s alias that is inside a production, the asset’s info window appears. Final Cut Server uses the information in the info window to track and manage the asset.

Figure. Asset info window showing the asset icon and the pane buttons.

About Media, Image Sequence, and Bundle Asset Info Windows

Media asset info windows contain panes for information about metadata, resources, versions, locks, and the Review and Approve feature.

  • Metadata pane: This pane shows the metadata for both the asset and its primary representation file. You can update any field in this pane by typing text or a value and then clicking the Save Changes button.
    Figure. Asset info window showing the Metadata pane.
  • Resources pane: This pane shows information about the primary representation and proxy files created for the asset. It also shows other places the asset is used and other assets that this asset is linked to.
    Figure. Asset info window showing the Resources pane.
  • Versions pane: This pane shows different versions that have been created for the asset. See Adding Versions for a Media or Project Asset for more information about creating versions.
    Figure. Asset info window showing the Versions pane.
  • Locks pane: This pane shows information about any locks on the asset. See Locking and Unlocking an Asset for more information.
    Figure. Asset info window showing the Locks pane.
  • Review & Approve pane: If your Final Cut Server administrator has set up the Review and Approve feature, the Review & Approve pane is used for sending out review notification emails. Your Final Cut Server administrator must set up this feature for it to work properly. See About the Review and Approve Feature for more information.
    Figure. Asset info window showing the Review and Approve pane.

The info window for a media asset also contains a Refresh button that you can use to update the asset info window, and an Action pop-up menu that contains commonly used actions. The info window for a video asset also contains an Annotate button that opens the Annotations window.

Figure. Asset info window showing the Action pop-up menu, Refresh button, and Annotate button.

About the Final Cut Pro Project Info Window

A Final Cut Pro project info window is slightly different than other types of asset info windows. A Final Cut Pro project info window’s Action pop-up menu does not have all of the items that are in the Action pop-up menu for other types of assets because certain actions cannot be performed on a Final Cut Pro asset. It also contains an additional pane, the Elements pane.

Figure. Final Cut Pro project's asset info window showing the Elements pane.

Final Cut Pro project elements are representations of the clips that are used in the Final Cut Pro project. Final Cut Server creates the elements from the media assets that are created when the Final Cut Pro project is uploaded to Final Cut Server. See Uploading Final Cut Pro Projects for more information about elements.