Tracking the Status of an Asset or Production with Metadata

Final Cut Server comes with several default Smart Searches and metadata sets that you can use to determine the status of an asset. The Status metadata set, for example, was designed to help you track the status of assets and productions in Final Cut Server. Assets and productions have a slightly different set of Status metadata fields.

See Using Status Metadata to Track Assets and Productions for more information about tracking the status of assets and productions.

Important: Your Final Cut Server administrator may have modified the Status or other metadata available for assets or productions to meet the needs of your organization’s workflow. If you have questions about the metadata available on an asset, contact your Final Cut Server administrator.

As your work progresses, you can search for assets that are in a particular phase of your workflow by searching for their status or other metadata. Final Cut Server comes with several preconfigured Smart Searches that make it easy for you to find recently modified assets or assets marked with the Status metadata field set to “Ready for Review.”

Figure. Final Cut Server main window showing the assets Ready for Review Smart Search, which displays all the assets with Status metadata set to Ready for Review.

You can configure your own search using the advanced search options. For example, you can search for all assets that have a Status metadata field set to In Progress. After setting up a search, you can save it as a Smart Search.

Figure. Final Cut Server main window showing a sample search that can be saved as a Smart Search.