Adding and Changing Asset Metadata

As an asset moves through your organization’s workflow, you may want to add or change the metadata associated with the asset. For example, when an asset has been edited and is ready to be reviewed by a client, you can set the asset’s Status metadata field to “Ready for Review.”

To add or change the metadata associated with an asset
  1. Double-click the asset in the Assets pane or in a production.

  2. In the asset info window, click Metadata.

  3. Choose a metadata group to view.

    Figure. Asset info window with the Metadata pane and a Metadata group selected to reveal metadata details.
  4. Enter new details in any of the metadata fields or make choices from the pop-up menus.

  5. When you’ve finished modifying the metadata, click Save Changes.

    The changes you made are saved.

    Note: Make sure you click the Search button after updating asset metadata to refresh the Assets pane.