Final Cut Server Client Actions

This section gives an overview of the actions you can perform from the Toolbar, shortcut menus, and other locations in the Final Cut Server client.

This table describes the various actions you can perform in Final Cut Server:

Get Info
Provides information and metadata for the selected asset or production.
See About Assets or About Productions for more information.
Provides a view of the asset in an appropriate media viewer; the viewing application could be QuickTime Player, Preview, or another media application.
See Viewing an Asset for more information.
Add to Cache
Adds a copy of the asset to the local computer’s cache. This is the first step in performing many operations in Final Cut Server.
See About Caching for more information.
Check In/Check Out/Cancel Check Out/Reveal Checked Out Media
Checking out the asset allows you to edit the primary representation being tracked by the asset and prevents the asset from being modified by all other users.
See Checking Media Assets In and Out for more information about checking out a media asset.
See Checking Out a Final Cut Pro Project for more information about checking out a Final Cut Pro project.
See Working with Final Cut Studio Projects for more information about checking out a Final Cut Studio project asset or checking out a bundle asset.
When an asset is checked out, you can discover the location to which the files were checked out by Control-clicking the asset and choosing Reveal Checked Out Media.
Prepare for Disconnected Use
Creates alias copies of media assets. You can use this action to create copies of video assets, and then use those assets to create a new Final Cut Pro project while you are disconnected from the Final Cut Server network.
See Working on Projects While Away from the Final Cut Server Network for information on working with an existing Final Cut Pro project when not connected to the Final Cut Server network.
Prevents other users from editing the file contained in the asset.
See Locking and Unlocking an Asset for more information.
Archive To/Restore
Archiving an asset creates a restorable copy of an asset.
See Archiving and Restoring Media Assets for more information.
New Production from Selection
Creates a new production for the selected asset or assets.
See Organizing Assets in Final Cut Server for more information.
New Window
Opens the selected production in a new window.
See Browsing and Searching for Productions for more information.
Creates a copy of an asset.
See Duplicating an Asset for more information.
Creates a copy of the asset to the local file system or an external volume.
See Outputting a Final Project for more information.
Deletes the asset, its primary representation file, and all of its proxy files from the Final Cut Server catalog.
See Deleting Assets from Final Cut Server for more information.