Resolving Offline Media Issues

After uploading or checking in a Final Cut Pro project, you may find that one or more of the project’s media files have gone offline. You know that the media is offline because an offline icon appears on the asset.

Figure. Asset thumbnail with an offline icon.

Final Cut Server cannot modify a Final Cut Pro project’s media links. While Final Cut Server is managing a Final Cut Pro project, media can go offline because the project asset was uploaded incorrectly, or because the media files went offline while the project was being edited in Final Cut Pro and was then uploaded with offline media.

If the project’s media was not linked correctly at upload or checkin and went offline when it was uploaded to Final Cut Server, you should check out the project, relink the media, and then check it back in to Final Cut Server.

If the project’s media is unlinked in Final Cut Pro, you should attempt to relink the media in Final Cut Pro.