Moving Projects Between Final Cut Server and Final Cut Pro

After uploading a Final Cut Pro project, it’s easy to revise and update the original project. Simply check out the project, modify it in Final Cut Pro, save it, and then check the project back in. At checkin, the Final Cut Pro project asset is updated in Final Cut Server.

Important: Your Final Cut Server administrator can create a copy of the asset for editing directly on an Xsan server, thus eliminating the need to download, cache, or check out the asset; instead, you can drag your asset directly from the Assets pane to an application for editing. To do this, edit-in-place must be set up by your Final Cut Server administrator. Ask your Final Cut Server administrator if edit-in-place is configured on your Final Cut Server system.

You can save versions of previous project assets by turning on version control. After turning on version control, you can save a copy every time a new version of an asset is checked in. See Adding Versions for a Media or Project Asset for more information about version control.

Remember that checking out the Final Cut Pro project is the only way to maintain the project asset. If you export a copy of the Final Cut Pro asset, or if you simply drag the asset out onto your desktop, you are creating an unmanaged copy of the Final Cut Pro project that is not tracked by Final Cut Server. If you make changes to an unmanaged Final Cut Pro project, you will have to upload it to Final Cut Server as a new asset.