About Editing Final Cut Studio Project Assets

Final Cut Server can manage Soundtrack Pro, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro project assets and their linked media files.

Unlike Final Cut Pro project assets, Final Cut Studio project assets do not contain elements that represent the project’s linked media files. Therefore, the media files that are referenced by a Final Cut Studio project asset must be explicitly tracked by Final Cut Server users. Final Cut Server provides two methods for managing Final Cut Studio projects and their linked media files.

When you upload a folder containing the project file and media files, Final Cut Server displays a dialog asking you if you want to upload the folder as a bundle asset or as individual assets. This chapter explains how to check out and export Final Cut Studio projects that have been uploaded using either of these options.

How you check out a Final Cut Studio project depends on how you uploaded it. If you uploaded the project and its linked media files as a bundle asset, you can check out the bundle asset in the same way that you would check out a media asset. If you uploaded the project file and its linked media files as individual assets, you need to separately check out the project asset and each of the media assets.