What Is Finishing?

Finishing is a catch-all phrase that describes an entire family of related activities. In a nutshell, finishing describes the process of giving your edited program the final polish it needs to make it as seamless and professional as possible prior to mastering and output.

Figure. Illustration showing the finishing workflow.

The essential finishing tasks include:

The following topics provide more information about how to proceed with the finishing process:

Don’t Feel Obligated to Do Everything Yourself

Many of the tasks involved with finishing are highly specialized activities. Final Cut Studio is used by a wide variety of post-production facilities, boutique shops, and individual professionals, which means you can easily take your project and media files to a specialist for reconforming, color correction, audio mixing, effects work, or any other task that you either don’t have the equipment for or don’t feel comfortable undertaking yourself.

However, if you do enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and tools, Final Cut Studio provides everything you need to finish and output your programs at high quality.