Doing a Negative Conform

If you’re finishing a film program by conforming the original negative, in advance of doing optical color timing and film printing, you should have started out by importing a telecine log file into Final Cut Pro (or into Cinema Tools). The telecine log file contains the data necessary to maintain the correspondence between the edge code from the original camera negative and the timecode used by the telecined video clips that you’ve been editing. It’s also common practice to put a window burn of the edge code and timecode at the bottom of every transferred shot, to provide an additional visual reference.

When you finish your edit, you can use this film data to output a negative conform list from Final Cut Pro. Before doing so, it’s best to go through your sequence to make sure everything is as organized as possible for the generation of a clean film list. The following steps will help you reorganize your edited sequence for a clean negative conform:

For more information about negative conform workflows, see the Cinema Tools and Final Cut Pro documentation.