Understanding the Workflow

Creating an impulse response in Impulse Response Utility consists of the following stages:

  1. Stage 1: Creating a New Impulse Response Project

    Configure your Impulse Response Utility project for the number of tracks your impulse response format requires.

  2. Stage 2: Setting Impulse Response Utility Parameters

    Set the hardware I/O, monitor, and sweep parameters for your audio track recordings.

  3. Stage 3: Recording

    Use Impulse Response Utility to record the audio tracks needed for your impulse response.

  4. Stage 4: Deconvolving Your Audio Recordings

    Assuming you have recorded sine sweeps, click Deconvolve after all audio tracks have been recorded. Impulse Response Utility will generate an impulse response from your tracks.

  5. Stage 5: Editing and Auditioning

    Cut silent portions, apply fades, and so on, to optimize your impulse response.

  6. Stage 6: Creating a Space Designer Setting

    Click Create Space Designer Setting when finished with the steps above. This adds the newly created impulse response to your list of available Space Designer settings.