Configuring the Monitoring Parameters

Once you have recorded sine sweep tracks into Impulse Response Utility, you can monitor them through a stereo output of your choice. The monitor controls determine the monitor channel and level. You can also mute the monitor section.

Figure. Monitoring parameters.
To select the stereo monitor output channels
  • Choose the desired stereo output pair from the Monitor Channel menu.

To adjust the output level of the monitored signal
  1. Click inside the Monitor Level field.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Drag left (or down) to reduce the volume, or right (or up) to raise the volume.

    • Type a numeric value for the monitor level (any value above 0 dB will set the monitor level at 0 dB).

Important: To avoid audio feedback when recording, be sure to mute the monitor output.

To mute the monitor output
  • Select the Monitor Mute checkbox.