Configuring the Sweep Generator

The sweep generator produces a sine wave that sweeps smoothly from 20 Hz up to 20 kHz. The sweep generator parameters set the hardware output, volume, length, reverb time, and pre-roll of the sine sweep.

Figure. Sweep Generator parameters.
  • On checkbox: Select to hear the test tone.
  • Sweep Level field: Sets the level of the test tone.
  • Reverb Time field: Determines the maximum recording time for each track. In order to accurately capture the acoustic properties of a space, you should set a value that is long enough to capture the decay phase of all reverberations and echoes.

    If you are using the sweep generator, the reverb time will start when the sine sweep ends. If you have the Sweep Length set to Off (in order to record a starter pistol impulse response), the Reverb Time parameter determines the entire length of the recording.

  • Preroll checkbox: You want to be sure that any operator noise, such as typing, readjusting microphones, and so on, is not recorded. You can set a pre-roll for just this purpose; recording won’t start immediately, giving you time to finish typing, make last-minute mic corrections, and so on. The pre-roll length equals the time you set with the Reverb Length parameter.