Recording a Mono to Omni 5 Channel Impulse Response

The process in Creating a Five Channel Surround Impulse Response is an example of recording a true surround impulse response. In many cases, it is sufficient to record one speaker position, thus creating a mono/omni discrete impulse response. Mono/omni discrete impulse responses are not only easier and faster to record, but also place a lower strain on the CPU.

To create a mono to Omni 5 Channel impulse response
  1. Choose the Mono/Omni to 5 channel template in the New Projects dialog.

    You will see that mono/omni discrete projects only require one speaker.

  2. Aim your speaker toward the ceiling or a back wall.

  3. Point your microphone to the first surround position: Front-Left, for example.

  4. Record the sweep.

  5. Repeat the process for all remaining microphone positions.