Additional Resources

Along with the documentation that comes with Logic Express, there are a variety of other resources you can use to find out more.

Release Notes and New Features Documents

Each application offers detailed documentation that covers new or changed features and functions. This documentation can be accessed in the following location:

  • Click the Release Notes and New Features links in the application Help menu.

Logic Express Website

For general information and updates, as well as the latest news on Logic Express, go to:

Apple Service and Support Websites

For software updates and answers to the most frequently asked questions for all Apple products, go to the general Apple Support webpage. You’ll also have access to product specifications, reference documentation, and Apple and third-party product technical articles.

For software updates, documentation, discussion forums, and answers to the most frequently asked questions for Logic Express, go to:

For discussion forums for all Apple products from around the world, where you can search for an answer, post your question, or answer other users’ questions, go to: