Speech Enhancer

You can use Speech Enhancer to improve speech recordings made with your computer’s internal microphone (if applicable). It combines denoising, advanced microphone frequency remodeling, and multiband compression.

Figure. Speech Enhancer window.
  • Denoise slider and field: Determines (your estimation of) the noise floor in your recording and, therefore, how much noise should be eliminated. Settings towards 100 dB allow more noise to pass. Settings towards 0 dB increasingly suppress background noise but also proportionately increase artifacts.
  • Mic Correction buttons: Activate the On button to improve the frequency response of recordings made with your built-in microphone. This creates the impression that an up-market microphone was used.
  • Voice Enhance button and Enhance Mode pop-up menu: This button turns on the Speech Enhancer multiband compression circuit. When it is active, you can choose from four settings that make the recorded voice louder and more intelligible. Choose the setting that best matches your recording situation.
    • (Female or Male) Solo: Use when the recorded signal consists of a vocal only.
    • (Female or Male) Voice Over: Use when the recorded signal contains both a vocal performance and a musical or atmospheric bed.