Sample Delay

Sample Delay is more a utility than an effect—you can use it to delay a channel by single sample values.

When used in conjunction with the phase inversion capabilities of the Gain effect, Sample Delay is useful for correction of timing problems that may occur with multichannel microphones. It can also be used creatively, to emulate stereo microphone channel separation.

Every sample at a frequency of 44.1 kHz is equivalent to the time taken for a sound wave to travel 7.76 millimeters. If you delay one channel of a stereo microphone by 13 samples, this will emulate an acoustic (microphone) separation of 10 centimeters.

Figure. Sample Delay window.
  • Delay slider and field (L and R in stereo version): Determines the number of samples that the incoming signal will be delayed by.
  • Link L & R button (only in stereo version): Ensures that the number of samples is identical for both channels. Adjusting one channel value will adjust the other.